World Trade Center Tower 3

  • Project: World Trade Center Tower 3

    Start Date: May 2010
    Owner: Silverstein Properties
    CM: Tishman Construction
    Approximate Contract Value: $15M - $20M
    Scope of Work: Excavation, Foundation Concrete.

World Trade Center Tower 3 was a challenging project that took place within the eastern portion of the World Trade Center site. Although the work to build the foundations was relatively straight-forward, logistically the job was very difficult due to the fact that the project started at a grade that was approximately 80′ below the street level, with no ramp access and no typical way to get equipment, trucks, and material into and out of the site. The initial mobilization required the rental of a massive lift crane to lower most of Laquila’s equipment for the project into the work site. The lift crane was required to lower some of the largest equipment in Laquila’s fleet, including a Manitowoc 4100W 250 ton crawler crane. Once Laquila’s crawler crane was lowered into the work site, it could be used for the rest of the heavy lifting, taking smaller pieces of equipment down, materials for construction, and removing excavated materials from the work site in specially fabricated 20 yard material containers.

Rock was excavated utilizing blasting and mechanical methods, rebar was placed by subcontractor J&E Industries, and the concrete foundations were poured. Work continued at a very brisk pace despite a particularly harsh winter, and the project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget. At the conclusion of the foundation work, Laquila’s crane was utilized to erect the tower crane used by the superstructure contractor, and all of the equipment had to be lifted once again to remove it from the work site.