625 West 57th St. “Pyramid”

  • Project: 625 West 57th St. "Pyramid"

    Start Date: January 2012
    Owner: Durst Fetner Residential
    CM: Hunter Roberts Construction Group
    Approximate Contract Value: $15M-$20M
    Scope of Work: Steel Sheeting and Tiebacks, Dewatering, Soil and Rock Excavation, Driven and Drilled Piles, Concrete Foundations and Waterproofing

The West 57th Pyramid is a landmark project designed by world-renowned architect Bjarke Ingels. The foundation for such a complex structure offered many challenges. The project was part of the Brownfield Cleanup Program, which required the installation of a continuous steel sheeting system down to bedrock, which also helped to control groundwater infiltration into the site. With the steel sheeting installed, excavation and removal of the soils could commence while special measures were taken to control any odors generated by the excavation process. The resultant clean site was then backfilled with clean, controlled fill so that pile driving could commence. Over 700 piles were installed, both by driving methods and by drilling methods, utilizing state of the art equipment. Some rock excavation was required in the eastern part of the large work site.

With the pile driving completed the concrete operation could begin. After a waterproofing membrane was installed, concrete foundations could be installed along with concrete foundation walls. Despite many challenges along the way, Laquila was able to complete the project on time to allow the concrete superstructure phase to begin.