Staten Island Expressway Roadway Improvements

  • Project: Staten Island Expressway Roadway Improvements

    Start Date: October 2010
    Owner: New York Department of Transportation
    GC: The Laquila Group, Inc.
    Approximate Contract Value: $75M
    Scope of Work: General Contract

The Staten Island Expressway Project is a Federal Stimulus Project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) in order to help create construction employment opportunities while helping to repair our infrastructure. The SIE project consists primarily of widening a stretch of the Expressway starting from the eastern end and traveling 2.78 km to the west. In addition to the widening of the road, new entrance and exit ramps will be created, along with the rehabilitation and reconstruction of a number of bridges, the construction of a new bridge to create a new entrance and exit ramp, and other associated work. The project consists of a large electrical subcontract for new lighting, wiring, and ITS, installation of new guide rail and roadway signage, and installation of new drainage structures. The widening of the roadway will require the construction of a number of pre-cast and cast in place retaining walls, along with a large quantity of concrete paving. A subcontractor will be brought in to do the asphalt paving of the roadway at the completion of the project.