Rego Park Center

  • Project: Rego Park Center

    Start Date: October 2007
    Owner: Vornado Realty Trust
    CM: Bovis Lend Lease
    Approximate Contract Value: $60M - $65M
    Scope of Work: Excavation, Sheeting, Dewatering, Drilled Soil Anchors, Piling, Concrete Foundations.

The Rego Park Center consisted of an approximate area of 7 acres requiring excavation to an average depth of 27 below the sidewalk elevation. This necessitated the installation of interlocking steel sheeting, three tiers of tiebacks and walers, and the removal of approximately 450,000 tons of contaminated and hazardous soils to various regulated facilities. An extensive wellpoint dewatering system was installed to keep the site dry. Once subgrade was reached, the installation of 2,600+ self-drilling soil anchors could proceed, along with the installation of approximately 400 Tapertube piles by subcontractor Underpinning and Foundation Skanska. After that, large concrete footings could be constructed throughout the site, along with a fully waterproofed mat foundation. 27′ high foundation walls were constructed around the entire perimeter of the site, which were then waterproofed and backfilled to complete the fully watertight bathtub foundation. Finally, a concrete topping slab was poured to create the finished cellar floor for the building.