Liberty Luxe & Liberty Green Condominium Towers

  • Project: Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green Condominium Towers, Battery Park City

    Start Date: January 2008
    Owner: Roseland Properties / Milstein Properties
    CM: Plaza Construction
    Approximate Contract Value: $20M - $25M
    Scope of Work: Excavation, Piling, and Foundation Concrete & Waterproofing.

Battery Park City Sites 23 and 24, as it was known then, involved installation of a soldier beam and lagging system with two and three tiers of self-drilling belloli anchor tiebacks, along with an extensive wellpoint dewatering system installed by Moretrench of America and operated by Laquila, to allow excavations below the water table to a depth of approximately 40′ below street elevation. Once subgrade was established, Laquila utilized two of its Junttan PM25 HLC hydraulic pile driving rigs to install 800+ concrete filled steel pipe piles of 200 ton capacity, to an average depth of approximately 70′ to solid bedrock. With the piles installed pile caps could be formed, and the waterproof concrete bathtub foundation mat could be formed, reinforced, and poured. Grace Pre-Pruf 300R was utilized on a blind-side application on the horizontal surfaces, while Grace Bituthene 4000 was utilized on the foundation walls to complete the bathtub. With backfilling complete, the dewatering system could be shut off revealing a leak-free bathtub foundation, just a few hundred feet away from the Hudson River.