The Laquila Group’s Mission

Our mission is to provide industry leading service to the top tier of Private and Public entities in the field of Heavy Construction. The Laquila Group intends to carry out this mission while maintaining its core values of Safety, Quality, Professionalism, and Integrity, and while prioritizing its efforts to complete its projects within the constraints of budget and schedule

About The Laquila Group

The Laquila Group, Inc. was founded in 2001 with the intention of carrying on the legacy of hard work, dependability, and reliability that had become synonymous with the Laquila name. Armed with a talented staff with years of construction experience, combined with a new, fresh approach, The Laquila Group began operating in earnest and was very quickly chosen to take on some of the most complex, challenging, and high profile excavation and foundation projects in New York City. Over the years, The Laquila Group, Inc. has favored the approach of quality over quantity, preferring to focus on a few projects at a time over many. In this way, The Laquila Group has been able to offer a premium service to its clients.

The Laquila Group’s Associations

The Laquila Group, Inc. is a proud member of the following associations:

  • The General Contractors Association
  • The Deep Foundations Institute
  • The Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors